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Visiting Teaching Woes

Where has the month gone?  And I’m still trying to do my Visiting Teaching!

Visiting 3 sisters (ladies) in our ward (congregation) with another sister as my companion (teammate) shouldn’t be that difficult.  It’s the Church’s (well, Lord’s) way of helping us befriend and support each other.  It’s a beautiful plan.

But schedules can be very difficult to coordinate.  And amazingly, even in this wonderful age of technology and communication, it can be hard to reach someone even to look at schedules!

Working full-time cuts down immensely on the available time for other activities.  I must say that Visiting Teaching (and in fact a host of other things) was MUCH easier to do back when I was a homemaker (stay-at-home-mom).  🙂

Back to reality…it occurs to me that I need to ask my sisters, companion included, what their favorite communication style is.  Indeed, in this wonderful age of technology and communication, it certainly MUST be possible to stay in touch in some way.  With phone, text, email, internet, and the old stand-by, regular U.S. mail to choose from, I imagine we can begin to find some common ground and communicate a little more regularly.  What happens then?

A lot less Visiting Teaching Woes!  🙂