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Tender Moments

Life is so busy, so consuming, and sometimes so difficult.  It’s easy to let the tender moments that come along go by almost unnoticed.

They come in a variety of forms, in many small packages, usually simple and small words, acts, or thoughts.

Tender moments are like a parting in the clouds that allows a ray of sunshine through to kiss the earth below.

They are like sitting by a slow-moving brook, lost in thought, enjoying the cooler air on a warm summer day.

They rejuvenate the soul, fill the cup of your being, fill you with God’s love, and let you feel at peace – if only for a moment.

What tender moments have you witnessed, or experienced?  How did they make you feel?

Words Say a Lot About Who You Are

There are several things that separate us and make us truly unique – fingerprints, lip prints, even words!

“Words are a form of personal expression.  They differentiate us as well as fingerprints do.  They reflect what kind of person we are, and tell of our background, and depict our way of life.  They describe our thinking as well as our inner feelings.”  Elder Charles Didier.

We are distinguished by the words we use, the kind of language we use, the way we say things, and what we choose to say.  There are probably times when you choose your words more carefully than others, i.e. if you want to make a good impression, if you don’t want to offend someone, if you are trying to be respectful.

And there may be times when you just figure you need to “let it all hang out”, or you are “just being honest”, or you are angry and trying to be hurtful.  What about these times?  Does it matter?  If it does, does anyone care that it matters?

Let’s think of this in a different way.  Have you ever been on the receiving end of these types of communication?  How did they make you feel?  What was your reaction?  Did you react in a like manner?  Did you retaliate and speak even more harshly?

Do you like being in trouble with someone?  Or do you appreciate it when someone compliments you, treats you respectfully, or even just says hi?

These are opposite ends of the spectrum and it’s a good idea to give this some thought.  What impression would you like to give others?  Have you noticed that what and how you communicate affects what and how you feel?  It also affects your mood, your happiness, your peace, and your relationships with others and with God.

What do you notice about the way others speak to you?  What does that tell you about them?  Is that something you want to emulate?

Do You Ever Feel Weird?

Recently as I was leaving the building, I suddenly felt kind of weird.  You may have felt it before yourself, something just kind of hits you, feels a bit strange.

I found myself wondering what brought it on.  I immediately began a mental checklist to see if I can discover why I’m feeling this way right now.

  • Did I forget something? 
  • Did something happen that I need to deal with? 
  • Did someone say or do something that is affecting me? 
  • Did a negative thought just jump into my head?
  • Is it something positive that I just haven’t been able to really give some thought to?
  • Is there something I need to share with someone that I haven’t taken care of yet?
  • Is it something that bothers me that I have no control over, but worry about anyway?

It amazes me how much my emotions and thoughts can affect me!  This time I can’t discern a specific reason for the feeling, so I set it aside and think about where I’m going.  If the checklist had brought something to my attention, I could have considered it, contemplated what the best course of action might be around it, and decided what to do about it.  Or not.

Sometimes I’m just not ready to deal with the issue and need a little time to adjust.

Oh well, this too shall pass!  🙂  Feelings are interesting!

The Deep Freeze

It’s been COLD around here for a few days now!  We’re in a deep freeze.

Luckily, it sounds like we’ll get above freezing again tomorrow.  Good thing, ’cause we’re starting to go a little stir-crazy.

I was home yesterday and working on a project.  It was taking some time and I thought of other things I should work on and about the “reasons” why I hadn’t already done them.

Next thing you know I found I was starting to get a little short with Beloved hubby!

This time I caught myself, took a moment to calm down, and thought about being glad that we were getting this project done, even if it was taking longer than normal.  I concentrated on the job at hand rather than letting my mind wander to other things.

We got through it and I’m glad I stopped myself from taking off on that little side-road my mind had wandered onto.  Instead of feeling angry, guilty, or sad I ended up feeling a sense of accomplishment for getting something important done, relieved to relax and plan what I wanted to do next, and very happy that I wasn’t upset with Beloved hubby!

Nipping it in the bud certainly saved me a lot of time, energy, and hurt feelings.  I’ll take that any day, especially house-bound in the middle of a deep freeze.  🙂

Flood of Feelings

It was near the end of my workday when I saw an email from the boss and double-clicked to open it up.

It had to do with the move to our new hospital.  OK, I know that is coming up on 12/13/14 day (December 13, 2014).  Our department moves a couple weeks before that, and this looked like more specific information for us.

There were several attachments and I started opening them one by one.  The first couple were general information, one a little lengthy so I’d come back to it later.  Then I opened the timeline.

At first glance I saw that some of our departments were moving starting today.  Not a big surprise as one of my friends mentioned last week that she’d be moving this week.  There were several departments moving this week.

Next tab was for the move in late November, my move.  I began reading through this group of departments making that move, and it happened.

A small wave washed over me.  Which surprised me.

I have worked here since long before the idea of building a new hospital even came up.  I’ve been here through thick and thin as talks began, great obstacles arose, and success was finally assured.  I’ve seen the progress every step of the way, buildings come down, streets straighten out or pushed through, new buildings go up, the enormous hole, cement, 3 huge cranes, cement, layer after layer, cement, steel and cement, cement, cement, cement, walls, windows, bricks, on and on and on!  It has been fascinating!

The excitement has been building.  Pictures and the model look wonderful.  Landscaping, signs, and sidewalks all add to the vision.  Everyone can hardly wait.  When will we finally get to see inside?!

But now suddenly, here I am, looking at the schedule and the wave hits.  A strange little feeling.  Hmmm.  I open the remaining attachments.  And I go back to the lengthy one, glancing through it, stopping to read a little here and there.

The wave isn’t bothering me anymore.  Because now it’s a flood!  I feel giddy, it’s so real, I feel anxious, will it all work out, there’s still excitement, it’s actually coming!  I’m having trouble concentrating.  I need to process these feelings.  Good thing I read this at the end of my day, I’d hate to have to deal with all this all day!

I imagine tomorrow will feel better.  And I wonder how many others are, or will have (perhaps even have had) this flood wash over them?  There will be a lot of differing reactions, I’m sure.  Hopefully I can help some, knowing what they’re going through.  And perhaps I’ll be a little more prepared having experienced this myself to a degree.

And the really funny thing is, I won’t even be in the new building!  We’ll be in an ancillary building.  :0