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Good Morning!

As I walked up to church today I passed someone coming out and said, “Good Morning!”

First he reciprocated, “Good morning,” but then, realizing it was past noon added, “Good afternoon.”

Good afternoon, I thought.  Doesn’t quite have the same ring as “Good Morning!”  Why do people have to say the exact, proper greeting?  What about something more generic, like the Germans do, “Guten Tag”?  It means Good Day, so you can say it anytime, morning, noon, evening.

“Good Day.”  No, it just isn’t the same.  It’s rather monochromatic.  “Good Morning!”  has a pleasant lilt to it.  It is friendly and upbeat.  It brightens the mood.  It fairly sings, “Have a wonderful day!”

Who cares what time of day it is.  I just saw you.  It is “morning” to us.

So, “Good Morning!”    🙂