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I Missed My Friend! :(

We had a wonderful women’s conference on Saturday at Church.

I invited a friend of mine to go, letting her know what a wonderful conference it would be.  These conferences always make you feel so good, they give you hope for the future, gladness in the present, and are inspiring and uplifting!

She accepted and even thanked me for inviting her.  I gave her my phone number and told her to call me when she got there and I would come meet her.

I thought of her often on Saturday, praying for her, and looking around a little now and then while enjoying the wonderful lunch and the great classes.  I never did see her or get a phone call (I’d put it on vibrate and had it in my pocket.

But I picked up one of the pink bookmarks and handmade little hearts they’d made for us to take with us.  The heart is to keep in your purse or pocket and when you touch it, it reminds you that you are loved.  What a cute idea!

Later I went to see my friend and give her the little gifts.  To my surprise, when she saw me she said she had come there and even called me.  But it went to voice mail, so she just dropped off the canned goods she had bought (I totally forgot about that part of it until I arrived there).  😦

I can not believe I totally missed her!  I feel heart-broken.  I checked my phone and don’t see her number on there.

I feel just awful – and I’m vowing NEVER to put my phone on vibrate again!  Not that I use it much anyway, but to totally miss my friend.

I am devastated.  What can I do to keep that from happening again?  Perhaps I need to be paying a little more attention to what is going on around me.  I often go about in my own little world and don’t notice when someone is trying to reach out to me.  I’m too pre- or self-occupied and probably need to see outside my own little world more.

That is something I could try to work on and improve.  And I will keep her in my prayers for having overlooked her.

Making A Friend

You know, we really do not know what others are thinking or why they do the things they do.  So, what happens?

Our minds fill in the blanks!

We start imagining all sorts of scenarios about why they did what they just did.

And of course, our minds are VERY imaginative and creative!

Even when we have no creativity in our bodies whatsoever, times like this our minds take over and run away with us.  We might imagine absolute worst-case scenarios, or an infinite number of storylines, with rarely a good ending coming up.

And usually we go about our lives living out this fantasy, this made-up story as though it were absolutely true life!  What does that get us?

Not to a good place.  We get stressed out, overwhelmed, become negative, cranky, and worse.

All because of a “dream”!

But what if we challenge those stories?

There are several ways to do this.

  • We can remember that others are the same as we are, trying to do the best they can with the imperfect circumstances they are faced with in life.
  • We can check out what we imagine by asking the other person if that is what is true.
  • We can simply ask questions so as to understand the other person better and learn what life story is going on in their mind.
  • We can assume the best and treat them as a friend.  Friendship usually goes a long way towards bringing people together rather than driving them apart.
  • Etc.

When I have approached situations in one of these ways, some of the most amazing things have resulted!

So I encourage you, next time you’re faced with something you don’t quite understand, instead of running away where your mind wants to take you, stop and check it out.  Give the other person a chance to become a friend.

And remember, everyone has a burden to carry.

25 Days of Christ – Day 14

It is impossible for Christmas to be ruined!

True?  Not true?  What is Christmas?

Some will say it is getting up Christmas morning and finding that Santa left the perfect gift under the tree! 

Others say it is the bright lights, merry music, and holiday decorations that bring joy into our lives. 

There are those who say that it is the excitement of parties, shopping, and planning that perfect meal. 

Many say it is being home, with family and friends to celebrate togetherness and warmth. 

If this is what Christmas is, then the opening statement is not true, as any of these, and usually one or more of them, does not turn out the way we expected or dreamed about.

If you peel back these layers, what are you left with? 

What was there on the very first Christmas?

There were no decorated trees, brightly wrapped packages, holiday music, or lists of presents to buy.

What was the first Christmas?  What was the reason for the season?  What is left when you take away everything else?

Christ.  God’s gift to the world.  He is the gift. 

It is impossible for Christmas to be ruined!