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Thoughts On Pain

A few years ago there was a frank, open, and honest discussion about pain among patients, staff, family and community members that was quite enlightening.  Several important and interesting things were brought up that today’s “Opiate Abuse” culture could learn from:

  • Patients need to be included in discussions about their pain, and pain management plans.
  • People have differing pain tolerances – some can stand only a little pain while others feel they can handle a great deal of pain.
  • People have differing pain expectations.  They may not understand the full implications of what will happen and/or what options may be available to help them.
  • Clinicians sometimes expect that patients must be feeling pain (or shouldn’t be feeling pain) when that may not necessarily be the case.
  • Clinicians (i.e. physicians and nurses) should always discuss the following types of things with the patient:
    • How much pain can usually be expected in this type of situation?  How long could it last?
    • Perhaps some pain will have to be present, it is not always possible (or wise) to completely get rid of all the pain.
    • What is the patient’s expectation around pain relief?
    • Does the patient want pain medications?
    • Does the patient desire no pain medications?
    • Has the patient had reactions to pain, or other, medications?
    • What is the patient’s pain goal? (it may not always be zero)
    • What is the patient’s normal pain level? (esp. for chronic pain patients)

The important thing to remember is that every person is an individual.  The more open and frank the discussion between patients and clinicians is, the better the outcomes will be for all concerned.

There is no “one size fits all” solution to pain and pain management.  Person-centered care is the answer.  The more that society, government officials, the health care industry, and the media start working to that end, the better off individuals, their families, and the country will be.

Moving Away From Grouchy

I noticed that I’m becoming more negative and grouchy.  I think a large part of that may be too much media exposure!  TV, radio, social media, newspapers, internet, etc., etc., etc.  😦

Almost constant bombardment from every direction to all the terror, problems, and negative side of life adds up to really drain a body.  It becomes easy to form opinions, jump on or off the bandwagon, start discussing with everyone you meet what the latest gut-wrenching and horrifying news-breaking issue is, and get caught up in the downward spiral of negativity, hopelessness, anger, fear, and even apathy as you reach overload and must disengage somehow.

I started losing sight of what I love to advocate for most – that there are innumerable good and positive things all around us!  We just have to take a moment to pause, look around with a new set of eyes, and see the many ways people reach out to help others, the great innovations and ideas that improve life, the inspiring and uplifting moments in life that help us to become grounded and fill our depleting spiritual, mental, and emotional reservoirs.

So I am moving away from grouchy by changing my focus.  And by remembering that which is of most worth to me in my life: that God lives and, as we are reminded by that beautiful carol every Christmas season, “God is not dead nor doth He sleep!”  We have someone we can turn to for help and guidance and who will never leave us alone.  🙂

Filling My Life With Good Things

I am reminded once again how important it is to fill my life with good things.

We are so blessed in this day and age.  There is an incredible amount of choices out there.  While we may often be bombarded, one way or another, by the negative and even downright bad things, I realize that there are an infinite number of positive and downright good and even righteous things!

And the really great news is, that you don’t have to have a lot of money to enjoy the good things in life!!  🙂

Let’s start with a biggie, media.  Media includes books, magazines, newspapers, photos, radio, TV, movies, CD players, internet, even emails as well as mail – bills, ads, announcements, letters, etc., etc., etc.!

It’s easy to fall for the nearest one, or the easiest one, the most provocative one, or the loudest one, or the latest fad.

But it doesn’t take much to go one step farther and seek out the better one, in any category.  There are good things in every one of the categories listed above in Media.  And one of the best sources, available for absolutely free, is the library.

This is a great starting place because it costs nothing, and has a huge selection in every type of media and subject imaginable.

Now here’s the secret.

As you watch, listen, or look at Media, begin an experiment.  Stop to notice how you are feeling.

Is it dragging you down, or lifting your spirits?

Are you feeling out-of-sorts, or do you find yourself smiling and feeling positive?

Is it embarrassing, or is it fulfilling?

Do you want to hide or lash out, or do you want to do something nice for someone?

What thoughts are you filled with?  Dark, hurtful, mean, or sad thoughts, or light, healing, happy thoughts that start turning your mind toward others and toward a loving Father in Heaven?

It is truly amazing how much influence our surrounds have on us and on what we think about and then spend our time on.

Improve your life, your thoughts, and your actions by dwelling on the good, wholesome, positive, meaningful, happy, Christ-like things that are all around you everywhere you choose to look.

Fill your life with the good things in life, and notice the difference it makes.  🙂

Want To Feel Better?

You don’t even have to feel down.  You don’t HAVE to be wondering what’s wrong in your life.  No need to be worried about the state society and the world are in.

Whether you are on top of the world or not.

You will always feel better when you tune in to the LDS semi-annual, worldwide General Conference!  And it starts in about 2 hours.  But…

In the meantime, or anytime, you can go and watch previous conferences and feel the same uplifting and joyful feelings that you do when you watch it happen live.

This is another great blessing we have available to us from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons).  It is proof that God, your Heavenly Father, loves you and all His children and does not leave us to wander alone and unsure through life.

In fact, it is quite the opposite.  It is a feast for the soul!  A veritable smorgasbord of hope, joy, peace, comfort, and love that will always leave you a better person that before.  Guaranteed.

God loves His children and has given us so much good in the world.  And today we have more goodness and happiness to surround ourselves with than any other time throughout the history of the world!  Although we live in a tough time in many ways, we also live in the best of times in more ways.

“How?” you may ask.

Come and see.  You can participate at any time.  Try it and see.  🙂