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10 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Freedom

Memorial Day is the perfect time to think about the freedom we have in our country and to consider how much that freedom cost.  Here are 10 ways you can show your appreciation.

  1. Fly the flag
  2. Visit a military cemetery and pay your respects, or drive through your local cemetery
  3. Say thank you to vets when you see them
  4. Teach your family to appreciate their freedom and to remember the price that was paid for it
  5. Live the best life that you can
  6. Pray for peace
  7. Do your part for peace
  8. Show love and support for your country
  9. Give encouragement and help to someone who has a family member in the military or has lost a family member in the military
  10. Be a force for good

Fort Logan

It’s almost Memorial Day so we took a ride over to Fort Logan to pay our respects.

Fort Logan is a national military cemetery.  It is here that veterans are buried – veterans of the various branches of the military, of the different wars we have been engaged in, of varying ranks, and of a surprising array of religions – all buried side by side in orderly rows throughout the beautiful green rolling hillsides.

We step out of the car for a closer look.  It is chilly, the rain has paused, a slight breeze wafts through the many flags we can see from any angle.  There is a quiet reverence here.  It is hallowed ground.  These men and women served their country to help preserve the precious freedom so dearly paid for by those who came before them.  Many gave their lives in battle.  How does that scripture go?

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13.

Yet what does it mean for a man to lay down his life for those he does not even know?  The incredible sacrifice made by the men and women who serve their country in this way must be remembered by all.  We recipients of these great blessings, paid for by our ancestors, our countrymen, yea even by those with no ties to us whatsoever, would be wholly ungrateful were we to fail to think on these things and not strive all our lives to live the best we can!  We are a choice generation and owe a great debt to those who have gone before.

What can you do to show your gratitude for the price paid so dearly by those who have gone before?

Families Come in All Sizes

English: Family of Canada geese in Northfield,...

English: Family of Canada geese in Northfield, Minnesota, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We were out and about on a little joy ride.


It was a beautiful day.


Not too hot.  Company was grand.


Detoured through the quiet, cool, beautiful Glens.


Turned towards home.


Then, there on the side of the 4-lane highway we spotted them.


Hmmm, one…




three of them.


Three families!


Oh, look!  : – O


They’e trying to get across the road!


But they’re cutting out in traffic…


Will they be able to make it???


There is Mama one, leading the way, with Junior following right behind.


Then Mama 2 with her 3 little ones.


Lastly comes Mama 3, also with her 3.


Cars are waiting at the light for them.


I hope those going in the opposite direction will see them and not be going so fast as to hit them!?


But in my rear view mirror I can see the last of them climbing up to safety onto the sidewalk.


Yeah!  The goslings and their mamas have all gotten safely to the other side, right from where they chose to cross!  🙂