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The Church in Nigeria

Tonight I was looking for some more information about Nigeria.  I decided to see what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has about it.  The Church does an incredible amount of humanitarian aide around the world, so I figured if nothing else I would see information about that.

One of the things we found was a wonderful performance by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir of a Nigerian song, Betelehemu.  “Watch the Choir Perform ‘Betelehemu’ — A Nigerian Carol Complete with Drums, Choreography, and Surprises” the website says.  It is an impressive number.  Watch it at http://www.mormontabernaclechoir.org/articles/betelehemu-the-history-lyrics-and-translation?lang=eng.  You will be glad you did!  🙂



Today I have a guest blog by Lloyd Pearson who has been studying the horrendous events going on in Nigeria.  Media sources have chosen to ignore these tragic happenings, which are rapidly increasing in brutality and sheer numbers.  I am attempting to increase awareness and encourage action to help Nigeria in its fight against the infestation of this invasive cancer seeking to destroy their country.  

An example of the US media’s lack of coverage is shown by looking at the week that Paris was attacked, killing 17.  That same week Baga in Nigeria was attacked and 2,000 people died.  The top 25 newspapers in the US ran 1125 sentences about Paris that Saturday.  In contrast, a grand total of 20 sentences were run by that same group of 25 “top” newspapers that same day, which means many of them didn’t bother to even mention Baga!

I know that when most of you hear the word Nigeria, you start to think about the famous scam trying to tap into your pockets.  Guess what.  I am also trying to tap into something – your heart.  The fact is that one of the most brutal organizations in modern history, Boko Haram, is ruthlessly attacking the people of Nigeria and the countries that surround it.  They are a blight on modern humanity.  Please take the time to read the rest of this post.  The items you are going to read about have all happened in the last 10 days, with several hundred murdered and thousands wounded.  Unfortunately, it appears that the mainstream media here in the US cannot take the time or effort to talk about the immense suffering going on over there.  10 DAYS – ONLY 3 OF THEM PARTIALLY COVERED BY THE DENVER POST.  WHY!!

Repeated calls to the Denver Post elicit the response that they get their international news off the wire. Guess what? I do not have the Post’s resources, yet managed to glean this information off the Internet.  For too long this lack of coverage has been an error of great omission.  Please read, think about, and digest the information below.  I have provided Web Links that were all active as of 2/12/2015.  After you think about it, call the Post and other media outlets and demand they start covering this barbarity to our brothers and sisters in the family of man.  Ask yourself how long you would be willing to suffer through these last 10 days, especially without the world even taking notice of your pain.  Get involved and demand the United States help to eliminate this scourge from the face of the earth.

2/12/2015 Niger (Not Nigeria — separate country) asked its citizens to go out into the streets in a nation-wide protest against Boko Haram. Niger has been attacked 6 times in cross border raids since the 2/6/2015 Security Council approval of cross national African Union action against Boko Haram.

2/10/2015 Time magazine reports problems that are being experienced by Nigerian military. Three very important facts are pointed out in this article. 1.) The Nigerian Army has been hurt by corruption in its procurement procedures and its training, and does not have the greatest human rights record. 2.) Nigerian Army troops are being sent into battles where they are outgunned. Boko Haram has RPGs etc, and the soldiers are given only a few dozen bullets to use during a battle. This can easily be addressed by the West. 3.) Nigerian Army troops are not trained in counter insurgency warfare, and therefore do not have effective tactics for the type of battle they are now being asked to fight. Once again, the US in particular can address this issue.

2/10/2015 Boko Haram leader releases tape on YouTube where he condemns the 6-nation force being sent to fight them, and states that the 7,000 or even 7,000,000 would be small for Allah to crush. He specifically says that his troops could defeat the US if they came into the battle. Finally, he states his goal is not Africa but the entire world where people will have one of three choices 1.) Become Islamic and follow laws of Koran 2.) Become Slaves 3.) Die. Perhaps the world should listen a little more carefully to what he is saying.

2/10/2015 The Bangladesh National Post (English Language Edition) reports that the Nigerian Army has been given 6 weeks, and only 6 weeks, to contain Boko Haran so that the national elections originally scheduled for 2/14 can be effectively conducted on their rescheduled date of 3/28.

2/9/2015 Whoops! Bangladesh, as you may suspect, did not break the story about the delay in elections. THIS ONE WAS ACTUALLY COVERED BY THE DENVER POST!

2/9/15 Sorry. The Post only covered a very small slice of the story. The rest of the story can be reviewed here. The single most important part to bring out is the blatant interference in the elections by Secretary of State John Kerry, who actually managed to find Nigeria and deliver a message that Obama and he were opposed to Nigeria slipping the elections back. John Kerry stated: “Political interference with the Independent National Electoral Commission is unacceptable. It is critical that the government not use security concerns as a pretext for impeding the democratic process.” Well, Nigeria has 68.8 million voters, and as pointed out in the article, security had hampered the effects in distributing the voting cards, with 20 million still needing to be distributed. In this case, that would have been a fatal flaw to the election, even if Obama and Kerry are too blind to see it.

2/6/2015 UN Security Council approves 6 nations in the African Union: Benin, Cameron, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Niger, and Nigeria for military actions and cross border pursuit of Boko Haram.

2/6/2015 The Christian Science Monitor reports Nigerian troops recover military weapons stolen by Boko Haram when they overran a multi-national military base in January. This recovery denied Boko Haram the recovery of numerous armored vehicles and some tanks. This was an important win in the attack on that terrorist group.

2/6/2015 Yeah! THE DENVER POST ACTUALLY COVERS THIS STORY — Boko Haram attacks Cameron in revenge for their agreeing to join the 6-nation force that is fighting against the terrorists. At least 91 villagers were killed, with 500 wounded in this merciless attack. Both Mosques and Churches were razed in their wanton desire to destroy the town. France’s President (yep France) says the world is not doing enough to combat Boko Haram.

2/3/2015 Nigerian Forces are starting to deploy advanced drones in the fight against Boko Haram. The surprise to many readers will be the source of these drones: Russia and China. That is right, our fearless President’s refusal to supply Nigeria with any arms is forcing that country to go to nations whose interests vastly differ from our own. The full cost of this refusal may well be the loss of Central/Western Africa due to the actions of President Obama in turning down an ally during their time of need. Think what would have happened with Britain had Roosevelt turned down Churchill.

2/3/2014 The Denver Post reports that Boko Haram has helped devastate agriculture in Nigeria. This is important when you realize that the crops not being planted, the fields not being tended, and the food that will not be available spell misery for the downstream survival for very many in that country. This misery will result in the loss of still more lives, and the permanent impacts on developing minds that will not have enough food.

Folks I could keep on going, but the point is, Boko Haram is repulsive here and now.  All of these events have occurred in the last 10 days, and the Post has only mentioned 3 of them, with very incomplete coverage on those stories.  Popular opinion needs to be developed against Boko Haram, demanding that our country help put an end to these monsters.  The only way that will occur is if news sources such as The Denver Post start doing their jobs, and at least provide links, as I have done above, to these major news stories.
Finally, on 1/11/2015 Nigeria asked for international assistance to help in in its conflicts with Boko Haram.  I hope our country wakes up, and listens to this humanitarian need.