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Our Christmas tree is still up.  Why?  Because we are still noticing it!

Our thoughts on the matter have always been that we put it up early to help bring the spirit of Christmas into our home, and we leave it up until we notice that we aren’t noticing it anymore.  (obviously it is not a real tree)

I love having it up.  It is so beautiful.  Its effect softens me as I look at it.

The other morning I had a moment while I was waiting for something or other, and I lite the Christmas tree lights and just stood, gazing at it.

Seeing the colorful lights, the silver/white and gold garlands, the shiny and varied ornaments caused wonderful stirrings within my soul.

Then I started noticing the individual ornaments.

Remember the kids when they were young?  There’s one with the whole Primary class, teacher included.  What a nice idea.

There’s one I sent to my father while I was on my mission in the country where he was born.  What a sweet remembrance it brought, I’m glad I inherited it.

There are a couple given to our family by my parents.  Every one of us received one of the cute little animals doing different things plastic “toy” ornaments.

Here are some shiny ones we got our first Christmas.  We were afraid the tree would be pretty bare, but then my boss had brought some decorations to work he didn’t want anymore and we had enough to make the tree come alive.

There’s one that my mother-in-law made and gave us so many years ago.  And on and on and on!

Such nice memories! What a beautiful way to remember the good things that have happened.

This is why our Christmas tree is still up.  🙂

Father’s Letter to Son

Dear Son,

Thank you for your wonderful letter on my birthday. Please know that it immediately became one of my most cherished items. It is always gratifying to note that you have passed some wisdom on down to the next generation.

If you have ever learned anything from me, please hold onto this: Your wife is the most important thing that you will ever have in your entire life. She is more precious than any amount of money you can earn, your job, your assets, and all of your friends put together. She is even more important than all of your children. They will eventually leave you, while your wife, if you play it smart is going to be with you for time and all eternity. I will always cherish the relationship that we have, but you, like your siblings, will leave home to start your life and work on your own destiny. This is how our Father In Heaven has planned it, and for all we know, is the nature of all existence.

One way of looking at things, is to rank your wife number one, and nothing else higher than number three. That way, nothing is even close to her. This does not mean that some things will not periodically take precedence over her. For example, there is not a good mother or father out there but who would gladly sacrifice their own life to pass on health and safety to the next generation. Or, one of your kids could be having a crisis, a critical deadline at work etc. The point being — those are rare exceptions. If they start to become frequent, then it is time to reassess your priorities.

May the Savior Walk Each Path You Trod Upon,