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Warm Tender Feelings

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Proverbs 22:6.  A perfect scripture to go with the Primary Program!

Today was our Primary Program.  It was absolutely wonderful!  As the member of the Bishopric said when he announced they were on the program today, “you never know what is going to come over this pulpit when the Primary does their program!”  Everyone smiled, knowing some children might be too shy to speak in front of the congregation, some might speak way too fast, some might leave the pulpit while still saying the last few words of their part, some might speak quite energetically and loudly into the microphone, and some might forget the order or mispronounce a word in their part and come up with something quite interesting.

Apparently the kids were able to get most of their wiggles out yesterday at the practice, because from what I saw they were pretty reverent during the whole meeting.  They did very well with their talks.  They sang beautifully, just like angels – who I’m sure joined them!  It was definitely an inspirational meeting.  You could feel God’s presence in that meeting, a warm, comfortable, peaceful, and very joyful feeling!

I think the Primary Program is THE best meeting of the year.  Even better than the Christmas program.  🙂

For the closing song we sang, “Love At Home”.  Another of my favorites all my life.  As we sang about how wonderful and beautiful everything is when there’s love at home I thought, “This is what it’s all about.  I’m so glad I learned about having a loving family when I was growing up.”

Then my thoughts turned to times that there is not love at home.  They do seem to happen, times when people are upset with each other, arguing, etc.  Luckily I was raised learning that those do not have to be the norm.  They can be the times that come but don’t have to stay.  And that we really do truly love each other even when we don’t always act that way.

And I thought of people who had more difficult circumstances to grow up in.  Some might feel there is no love at home, or that it might be a fleeting and temporary thing.

I want you to know that if you ever feel that way, you do not have to believe that it is true!  We all have moments of doubt, of trouble, of pain.  But things do not have to stay that way.  Part of Heavenly Father’s loving plan is that we can turn to Him anytime, anyplace.  When we do, He will lift our spirits.  We can have a feeling of calm and peace even when nothing in our current circumstances dictates that we could or should!

And when we ask God for His help, believe (or even just try to believe) that He will, amazing things start to unfold.  We can find ourselves suddenly feeling lighter, like a load has been lifted off our shoulders, people may start entering our lives and helping us in unexpected ways, out of the blue opportunities come our way.

Heavenly Father loves you so very much!  He wants to help and bless you.  He did not send you here expecting you to simply figure things out or to be stuck in a bad situation.  His purpose is to help us become better people.  He has given every one of His children (all of us) a spark of divinity, a piece of Himself if you will, that can guide us through life.  It is called the Light of Christ.  It is often called our conscience.  It’s that little voice in your mind and heart that tells you to Stop! when you consider something that is wrong or untrue.  It whispers Yes when you consider something that is good or true.

The more you follow that spark, that Light of Christ, the brighter it becomes.  Your kind, loving Father in Heaven has promised you that you can know the truth of anything, of all things.  You can feel in your mind and in your heart whether something is good or bad, from God or not, the correct path or the wrong one.  It is His promise.

In the meantime, He will send thoughts and feelings your way that will nudge you in the right direction.  And as you follow those promptings, and seek out more ways to feel His Holy Spirit, He will bless you with His choicest warm, tender feelings.  I testify that this is true.  I have experienced it in my own life.  He will bless you!  🙂