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What a Way to Spend Halloween!

My favorite Halloween memory?  Having homemade doughnuts and apple cider!

That was our tradition growing up.  And it became my tradition when I had my own family.  I loved it!

Then working outside the home entered my life, and kids grew up.  After a while children stopped trick-or-treating on our street.

But one thing remains constant, doughnuts and apple cider.

After dinner we decided to run to the store to buy some, plus a few other things we needed.  2 hours later we finally returned home.  We had yummy doughnuts, delicious apple cider, and a grocery-cart full of additional items!  Luckily most were on sale and are things we use all the time.  But if we keep this up, we’ll be in the poor house before we know it!

What a way to spend Halloween.  🙂  Love those doughnuts and apple cider!

Clothes Shopping

I recently pulled out a shirt that I was going to wear.  I loved it when I was at the store and found it.  It looked really good on me.

But as I put it on and looked in the mirror, I was surprised by what I saw!

This was not the same image that looked back at me that day in the store.  Why had it seemed so right then?

What’s the problem?  I haven’t changed since then.  It wasn’t that long ago.  So why does it seem to be a totally different shirt than what I tried on in the store?

I’ve given this a lot of thought because this is not the first time this has happened.  Here’s what I believe the answer to be:

In the store I try on so many clothes, most of which make me look so horrible, that when I finally find one that isn’t horrible, or perhaps even makes me look pretty good, I’m happy and snap it up.  Then later, without all the horrible clothes to compare it to, I see it in its “true colors”.  I see that it really isn’t that good afterall.  😦

I really have to be more careful when shopping!

Have you had similar experiences?


Kite Festival

Flying Kites at Cesar Chavez Park.

Flying Kites at Cesar Chavez Park. (Photo credit: adhocbot)


It started out as a typical Saturday.


Sleep in, exercise, a bit of yardwork, breakfast.


Then getting to work in the home office to continue the relentless battle against paperwork.  In this ongoing, no-end-in-sight, endless conflict there is unfortunately, often no clear victor.  At times we seem to be gaining.  Next thing you know, it has the upper hand multiplying as though there were no tomorrow!


We were determined to get ahead this time…and then the phone rang.


An invitation to enjoy the local kite festival.  It’s just down the street.  It’ll be a welcome diversion.  Cars are parked all over the neighborhood a good mile in almost any direction.  Too bad the city did away with half the parking when they improved the park a couple years ago.  😦


So we went on foot.  It was a beautiful day, a tiny bit cool, cloudy, and windy.  Perfect kite-flying weather!


As we got closer we could see a myriad of kites in all shapes, sizes, and colors flying in the sky with colorful tales waving in the breeze behind them.  It was a beautiful sight!  Next into our view came the picturesque inflatable bounce houses, then the vendor tents, and finally the crowds of families all there to enjoy the festivities and camaraderie.


There were kite-flying contests, booths, a live band, police vehicles, fire fighting equipment, and art projects.  And for a fee you could face paint, have your caricature drawn, walk inside a giant ball, ride the little train, even climb a rock wall.  Not to mention all the various foods for sale.


After walking around for over an hour, I was ready for a break.  I found an open space on the grass and let my companions go on without me.  I sat and enjoyed looking at the various types of kites in the sky, and the various children and adults flying them.  A couple times I witnessed someone having difficulty getting a kite airborne and someone stopping to help.  It was great.  The music was toe-tapping and the whole thing was filled with an air of friendliness and fun.


What a great, and out-of-the-ordinary, day!  🙂