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Your Self-Worth

Your self-worth can be an elusive thing.  It can increase and decrease almost as the waves upon the sand.  Do you have any control over it?  Does it seem that many times it is simply not even there?

What affects your self-worth?  Often small things can have such a big impact on it:

  • You didn’t get through your to-do list (OK, not all things that affect you are small)
  • Bad hair day (maybe it rarely does turn out well…)
  • Someone got upset with you.
  • No one understands you.
  • You don’t understand you.
  • The person who passed you in the hall ignored you, didn’t even smile.
  • No one is liking you on social media.
  • You are only getting likes but no comments on social media.
  • No one is reaching out to you, so obviously, no one likes you.

Is that really where your self-worth should be coming from?

Is there some rule you don’t know about that would help?  Some secret to happiness?  Some way to feel self-worth despite everything listed above?  And everything else that’s happening, or not happening, in your life?  Is there an answer?

Yes, there is an answer.  And it is not complicated.

You are the offspring of Deity.  God is your Father.  And Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father’s only Begotten in the flesh and your Brother, showed the way to self-worth.

It is this simple:

Reach out to someone in need.

Go ahead and test me on this.  Test God on this.  Jesus showed by example that when you reach out to someone else, not only do you make a difference to that person, but God, your Heavenly Father, then makes a difference to you!  You will have feelings of self-worth.  It is one of those natural laws that always has and always will exist.

And there are people all around you who are in need of even your smallest act of kindness:

  • Send an encouraging note to someone who is struggling with something.
  • Smile to someone you pass on the street.
  • Call someone who has been on your mind lately.
  • Go and visit someone who is all alone.
  • Offer to watch the kids for a couple of hours.
  • Help someone with a problem that you have successfully dealt with.
  • Comfort someone who is sad.
  • Forgive the person who just cut you off while you were driving.
  • Do something nice for someone in secret (you get extra points for this one!)

Self-worth is not so elusive as it might first appear.  It is the natural and God-given result of realizing who you are and reaching out to bless and lift others.

Try it and see.  🙂