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Words Say a Lot About Who You Are

There are several things that separate us and make us truly unique – fingerprints, lip prints, even words!

“Words are a form of personal expression.  They differentiate us as well as fingerprints do.  They reflect what kind of person we are, and tell of our background, and depict our way of life.  They describe our thinking as well as our inner feelings.”  Elder Charles Didier.

We are distinguished by the words we use, the kind of language we use, the way we say things, and what we choose to say.  There are probably times when you choose your words more carefully than others, i.e. if you want to make a good impression, if you don’t want to offend someone, if you are trying to be respectful.

And there may be times when you just figure you need to “let it all hang out”, or you are “just being honest”, or you are angry and trying to be hurtful.  What about these times?  Does it matter?  If it does, does anyone care that it matters?

Let’s think of this in a different way.  Have you ever been on the receiving end of these types of communication?  How did they make you feel?  What was your reaction?  Did you react in a like manner?  Did you retaliate and speak even more harshly?

Do you like being in trouble with someone?  Or do you appreciate it when someone compliments you, treats you respectfully, or even just says hi?

These are opposite ends of the spectrum and it’s a good idea to give this some thought.  What impression would you like to give others?  Have you noticed that what and how you communicate affects what and how you feel?  It also affects your mood, your happiness, your peace, and your relationships with others and with God.

What do you notice about the way others speak to you?  What does that tell you about them?  Is that something you want to emulate?

Oh, The Things We Presume!

Has this ever happened to you?  You’re going about your life and you suddenly notice something that was totally unexpected!

What do you do? 

Oftimes we instantly make an assumption about what just happened, and why it happened. 

It’s a totally normal, natural, automatic thing to do.  You don’t have the think about doing it, it just pops into your head!  And of course, since you are always right about everything, you know that this reading of the situation is not only correct, but the only possible answer and it rarely even occurs to you to look for another possibility.

That is really not all that bad.  Where the problem arises is with what happens after that.

Because now you suddenly see things in a different light – the light you just presumed, or assumed to be correct – you change the way you act, or react, to that situation, or worse yet, to things in general. 

All of a sudden you are changing your life based on something that you actually don’t even know about for sure.  Because you have now decided to change your thinking by accepting your presumption as truth and so your feelings and thoughts have now changed, often not for the better.

You find yourself on a downward spiral, perhaps slipping out of control, definitely not what you normally would have decided to become, and you feel there is nothing you can do about it.  Afterall, you didn’t give it thought and come to a logical conclusion after searching through the possibilities of what occurred.  So you are simply along for the ride…

But wait! 

By checking on the presumption you made, particularly if you stop to ask about what happened or even brainstorming other meanings to what happened, you suddenly find not only a new thought process, but usually several possible reasons for what happened.

Now you are not locked into one way of thinking and acting anymore. 

Now you are again the master of your soul, you get to choose what you are going to think and to do.

Oh, the things we presume!  🙂