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Finally, A Reason To Turn On The Radio Again!

Denver, Colorado, Usa

Denver, Colorado, Usa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This morning I happened to turn on the radio on my way to work.  Don’t ask me why.  I usually do not listen to it.




Because there’s not much worth listening to.


It’s hard to find music you really like.  And when you do, there’s so much talk and chatter that it’s just not worth it.


Particularly when all that talk and chatter gets monotonous, or worse yet, downright obscene.


But I found a station in Denver, Colorado – 101.5 KJHM FM.  They advertised “Zero Morning Talk”!  Wow, now that’s MY kind of station!


I will have to admit, it’s not necessarily my favorite music in the world, but I love not having to put up with all that morning talk.  Besides,


KOSI 101.1 FM has begun their annual all Christmas music! 🙂



Thank You to My Family

I attended the “Time Out For Women” conference in Denver, Colorado this weekend, compliments of my beautiful daughters (which includes daughters-in-law!)  🙂

They all got together, bought my ticket, and gave it to me for Mother’s Day.  So I’ve had 5 months to anticipate attending this wonderful event!  And they all went with me, so it was a family affair.  Even my oldest granddaughter went because they had a “Time Out For Girls” conference going on at the same time!

This conference is put on by Deseret Book and done in various cities throughout the United States each year.  It is a wonderful event, with inspired speakers, wonderful music, and making, and renewing friendships.

It is all about helping us appreciate being women, laughing and sometimes crying about the things we go through, and encouraging us to hang in there and not give up.  It reminds us that though we come from varied circumstances and backgrounds, we are all daughters of God and He loves us and has a plan for every one of us.  We find that others are going through the same types of experiences we are, are struggling with the same types of challenges, and we gain strength and hope from the trials they have overcome.  We see how important little things are, and we are reminded to always turn to our loving Father in Heaven for help and strength throughout our lives.

You walk out of there feeling energized, inspired, and wanting to do better in your life.

Thank you, my daughters, for this wonderful experience!


George Washington

1795 - 1823

1795 – 1823 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We just finished watching a 1984 TV miniseries about George Washington starring Barry Bostwick, and I am very moved.


I love George Washington.  He was an amazing man, and did something no one before or since has done.  He was an honorable man, and always did what was best for this country.


His faith in God, whom he reverenced so much that he referred to God as “Providence“, carried him through the excruciating trials of the war against Britain, battling for American independence and our freedom.  He could have been made king then.  But he recognized that that would defeat the purpose for which he had just been fighting.  He refused to even consider such a form of leadership for the fledgling nation.


Instead, he accepted becoming President.  President of the united states, 13 colonies who had banded together to form a new nation, a free nation, a democracy.  He continued to turn to “Providence” in those years also, as there had never been a free country before and there was no pattern to follow.  He sought guidance daily, and put together a form of government that still stands today.


Watching what our forefathers endured to pay for this freedom makes me appreciate my freedom all the more.  So many suffered so much, incredible hardships that I can’t even fully imagine.  How thankful I am to the many people who then gave, and have since given, so much so that I can enjoy freedom today.  I am thankful to George Washington for his courage and endurance, and his foresight in wanting to set up a government that would serve generations to come.


And I am thankful to a kind and loving Father in Heaven who placed these people on the earth at the right times and guided them to accomplish the wonderful, though difficult, things they carried out.


I am thankful for my freedom!


Patient & Family Advisory Council

A patient having his blood pressure taken by a...

A patient having his blood pressure taken by a physician. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m blogging early today because tonight I’ll be in my monthly, late-in-the-day meeting.  It’s the Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC).


PFAC is a committee made up of staff, patients, family members, and interested community members.  They work together to work on or give guidance and suggestions for projects around the hospital that can more positively impact the patients there.


If you have ever been in, or had a family member in, the hospital or if you or a family member have ever worked in a hospital, you probably noticed that some things seemed disconnected or disjointed.  I have been on both sides (patient/family member and staff) and can attest to the fact that each has certain ideas about the other and not all of those thoughts are necessarily true.


For instance, when you are a patient at the hospital and the doctor says he wants to run a test to see if he can determine the cause of your ailment, you figure he will go out, order the test, and someone will take you right over to get the test done.  Then the doctor will have the answer.


But, what you as a patient don’t realize is that a hospital is not a single entity but actually more like a little city. The doctor will write the order for the test, which is then passed along to the department doing the test.  They have to work you into the schedule since there can be multiple patients getting tested there along with possible tests being done on people who are not patients but are coming in to the hospital to have that test also done.  Once you are on the schedule, you have to be taken to that department at the appointed time.  Some type of transport will be called for.  You go to have the test, perhaps there is some preparation you need so the test can be done.  Once you have completed the test, you will be taken back to your room.


Now the doctor gets the test results, right?  Perhaps.  And perhaps the test needs to be read or translated and transcribed onto a report.  Then the report has to be communicated to the doctor.  If it is not communicated to him by the time he wants to see it, he may have to call over to get the results himself.  Now he will communicate the results with you.


Each of these steps involves additional people and can take additional time.  So it can be later in the day or even the following day before you get the result of the test the doctor decided needed to be done for you.


And on the other side, the hospital (i.e. little city) figures that you naturally know that there are multiple departments (shops) involved in getting this test done for you and they will all try to do their best to work it in in a timely manner and to take care of each little step involved while still taking care of you and all the other patients, family members, and doctors, etc.


Anyway, I’ve long thought it would be a great idea for staff and patients to communicate with each other better so each understands the other’s viewpoints and issues.  The PFAC committee is a great step in that very process.  And especially since Saint Joseph is building a brand new building to move into, the committee has a chance to give input and work together on a variety of topics, including something as simple as what type of telephone to provide in the patient rooms!