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Suddenly, Political Involvement Sounds Like Fun

With the election of President-elect Trump, politics are actually starting to sound fun to me.  That’s quite a stretch, because I always considered politics to be an incredibly slow and mundane process.  I was amazed that anything actually ever got done.

Then politics took a huge, 180 degree turn, and society started not only radically shifting Its language, policies, and measures, totally opposite from what I thought, felt, and believed, but It went so far as to criticize and negatively label things that were near and dear to my heart.  It decided that I and the majority of people in this country were wrong, and It took legal action against anyone and anything that disagreed with what It wanted!

People were forced to abide by a new set of standards, and differing beliefs and ideas became feared and ridiculed rather than discussed and celebrated.  I believe children would gain greater respect for others, and personal inner strength, if taught in school about the various and diverse religious beliefs in the world.  They would not fear others because they would understand them better.  This would only enrich their lives, and help them be better grounded and more prepared for life.  That is something to celebrate!

If love of country and respect for the flag were taught and exemplified in society people would have something to be proud of.  They would be willing to defend it, and in turn stand up for the poor and underserved.  We need this in our lives in order to be a whole person, as there is something missing inside us otherwise.

And what about race and gender?  Most religious beliefs teach that people are equal, that they have a relationship with God and with each other, and that when we live moral and ethical lives, not only will we be blessed but others will be blessed as well.  Suddenly equality becomes the norm and bigotry goes away.

We have so much more in common than not.  It is time to bring back that commonality and reap the many blessings that follow.

When have you seen evidence of this in your life?

10 Ways to Build Unity

Unity builds strength, purpose, and improves lives.  Here are 10 ways to build unity:

  1. Concentrate on the things we have in common, rather than the differences
  2. Work toward a higher goal, a loftier purpose
  3. Treat each other with respect, as children of God with infinite possibilities
  4. Have fun together
  5. Plan team-building activities that can involve everyone
  6. Get to know more about each other
  7. Discuss and work through differences
  8. Give others a chance to be right
  9. Be open and honest with each other – kindly
  10. Pray together – you will notice a difference

Include God and you’ll have a winning combination and be amazed at what is accomplished!

A Prayer For Our Country

Today is President’s Day.  When I was young, we actually had 2 holidays in February, Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday.  And in school we learned about both these great men and what they did for our country.

Naturally, both were human and not perfect.  But both did incredible things and led the country through incredibly rough times, particularly because we were waging war on our very own soil.  We learned a lot about faith, courage, strength, fortitude, leadership, as well as humility, kindness, compassion, truth, honesty, and unity.  These were men you could emulate!

Today many things have changed, and it seems the country has turned its back on many of these lessons, virtues,  qualities, and values that garnered so much pride, and success for our country.

I pray that we will be unified not divisive, faithful not taunting, humble not prideful, helpful not hurtful, remembering our past as we build a grand and glorious future.  🙂

Primary – The Great Equalizer!

Primary never ceases to amaze me.  I recently realized that Primary is the great equalizer!

As we go about our daily lives, we find that we are all different.  We have various talents, interests, strengths, opinions, biases, and thoughts.  At times it seems there is no reconciliation whatsoever, because try as we might, we can still find ourselves on opposite sides and with no idea why others don’t see things as we do!

Enter, Primary.

Something truly amazing happens when people start serving in Primary.  They still have various talents, interests, strengths, opinions, biases, and thoughts, but now they also have something in common.

They are teaching children about their Father in Heaven and His plan of happiness.

Viola’!  Instantly their various talents, interests, strengths, opinions, biases, and thoughts meld together into one – one purpose, one goal, one mind, one heart.

They are all suddenly friends, and fellow-servants with Christ, using their various talents, interests, strengths, opinions, biases, and thoughts for a higher purpose.  The outcome of this metamorphosis is astonishing!

People who used to be at odds with each other suddenly become good friends.  They now see that they are not so very different after all, in fact, they have quite a lot in common.  And they discover, perhaps to their surprise, that that which makes us the same far outweighs that which makes us different.

Thank you, Father in Heaven, for Primary – the great equalizer!  🙂