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Visiting Teaching – Watching Over Each Other

I’ve mentioned Visiting Teaching before, and recently I went visiting teaching to a couple of sisters (ladies) I’m assigned to.

I picked up my companion and we drove over toward our first one.  When I had called to schedule the appointment, she asked if I knew where her house was.  I said I had her address but hadn’t ever been by there.  So she gave me directions.

Good thing she did, because she’s tucked away a little in the middle of a neighborhood that has streets twisting and turning in several directions.  But by following her instructions we had little trouble finding her.

She’s a dear little lady and the three of us had a great visit.  In light of our recent snowstorm we commiserated over trying to navigate roads in the snow, and how the street snow removal is not what it used to be.  We discussed how long we’ve lived in the area, raising our children, and how things have been going in our lives.  We found we had more in common than we realized, and we left basking in the warmth of true friendship and the blessings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our next appointment was another wonderful sister.  She was ready for us when we got there and had a box of yarn for my companion as they both thoroughly enjoy knitting and crocheting and making hand-made items of all kinds.  As we got to know each other I was amazed at how different our backgrounds, talents, likes, dislikes, challenges, and experiences are.  And it is interesting to see all the variety in each person’s life, and to be reminded how there really is a time and a season to all things.

And of course one thing we all had in common was the Church, the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Being united within this basic and fundamental, most glorious way was the best thing of all.  We know that we are daughters of our loving Father in Heaven, that He loves us, He knows us and our individual differences and circumstances.  And He has guided our paths to bring us to this point in our lives where we intersect and have the privilege of getting to know, love, and watch out for each other.

What a beautiful, perfect, and happy plan!  🙂


Visiting Teaching Wows!

I’ve been learning a lot about Visiting Teaching lately.  Visiting Teaching is part of the Lord’s program for taking care of the women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Between my mother’s visiting teaching companion (since we are usually sent out two by two, this is her friend or “side-kick”), and my own feelings attending a new ward (congregation), visiting teaching is taking on a whole new meaning for me.

My mother’s companion knows my mother well enough that if my mother isn’t in church, her friend knows that she is not feeling well.  So she’ll call after church and say, “You are sick, aren’t you?”  Then she finds out what is going on with my mother.  I love that!

And being in a new ward, I found myself going to church after a week or two, wondering “Who will be my friend?  Which of the ladies here are similar in age and interests and will befriend me? or can I reach out to?”  And when I was made a Visiting Teacher, I thought that I would get to know my companion and the sisters (our word for other women in the Church) we were assigned to visit, so we could become friends.

Reaching out to them seemed only natural, and trying to contact them and get to know something about them so we could meet their needs was what occupied my mind.

So last Sunday when they announced in Relief Society (the women’s organization of the Church) that this Wednesday evening would be a dinner in honor of the birthday of Relief Society, my immediate thought was, “Hmm, which of my visiting teaching sisters and companion are not here and how can I get word to them of this special evening so they can attend if they’d like to?”

Realizing that I only saw one of them in the room, I determined to contact the rest to ask (thanks to my mother’s visiting teaching companion) if they were ill and to let them know about the special dinner.  So Monday I called all but one.

The phone number I had for the final one doesn’t work.  She doesn’t live all that far from me, and as I was driving home from work the thought came to me to go stop by her home and drop off an invitation.  So I did.

Talk about inspiration from God!  She was home, was very nice, and we had a nice long chat.  She would love to go to church more often when she feels well enough, but doesn’t drive.  So I quickly volunteered, and told her any time that she felt well enough to go, to please call me and I would come and pick her up and take her with me.  It was as natural as could be.

I have been a visiting teacher for many, many years.  And I have tried to visit my sisters regularly, sometimes with great success and other times with little success.

But somehow, now it feels different.  It feels like simply reaching out in friendship, and getting to know women who are individuals and have various strengths and needs, and determining how I might be able to reach out in love and kindness to help, love, and support each one.

I am so grateful to have opportunities to learn and grow even after all these years, and for the inspiration of the Lord to help me know how to love and help others, and for this program of the Church.

Visiting Teaching, wow!!  🙂

Visiting Teaching Waffle

I am so thankful for my Visiting Teaching companion!

This month was moving right along.  Last month we asked each of our sisters what the best ways are to contact them.  So I put a couple of them to use.  One day I was thinking about them, so I called each and left a voice message (I didn’t catch any of them).  And I sent them Halloween cards to brighten their day.

Additionally my Visiting Teaching companion called them and left voice messages asking when a good time to stop by and visit with them would be.  She did reach one sister, had a nice little chat, but found out that there was so much going on that there would not be a good time to visit her in person this month.

My Visiting Teaching companion and I discussed what our availability was to go visit them.  There was one day we could make it, but we hadn’t heard back from them about their availability.  We reviewed what we’d done so far, and I suggested perhaps we had done enough and could not worry about trying to stop by.

My companion hesitated.  I almost ignored it and restated my thought.

But then I stopped and listened to her.  She again brought up that she thought maybe we ought to give it a try and just stop by to see if we can catch them.  I said OK.

The following day as I thought about it I felt great gratitude for my companion.  It would have been so easy to agree and say that we’d done quite a bit and surely that would be good enough this month.  But she wasn’t comfortable with that.  And I knew I shouldn’t be either.

Thank you, my companion!  🙂

Visiting Teaching Woes

Where has the month gone?  And I’m still trying to do my Visiting Teaching!

Visiting 3 sisters (ladies) in our ward (congregation) with another sister as my companion (teammate) shouldn’t be that difficult.  It’s the Church’s (well, Lord’s) way of helping us befriend and support each other.  It’s a beautiful plan.

But schedules can be very difficult to coordinate.  And amazingly, even in this wonderful age of technology and communication, it can be hard to reach someone even to look at schedules!

Working full-time cuts down immensely on the available time for other activities.  I must say that Visiting Teaching (and in fact a host of other things) was MUCH easier to do back when I was a homemaker (stay-at-home-mom).  🙂

Back to reality…it occurs to me that I need to ask my sisters, companion included, what their favorite communication style is.  Indeed, in this wonderful age of technology and communication, it certainly MUST be possible to stay in touch in some way.  With phone, text, email, internet, and the old stand-by, regular U.S. mail to choose from, I imagine we can begin to find some common ground and communicate a little more regularly.  What happens then?

A lot less Visiting Teaching Woes!  🙂