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George Washington

1795 - 1823

1795 – 1823 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We just finished watching a 1984 TV miniseries about George Washington starring Barry Bostwick, and I am very moved.


I love George Washington.  He was an amazing man, and did something no one before or since has done.  He was an honorable man, and always did what was best for this country.


His faith in God, whom he reverenced so much that he referred to God as “Providence“, carried him through the excruciating trials of the war against Britain, battling for American independence and our freedom.  He could have been made king then.  But he recognized that that would defeat the purpose for which he had just been fighting.  He refused to even consider such a form of leadership for the fledgling nation.


Instead, he accepted becoming President.  President of the united states, 13 colonies who had banded together to form a new nation, a free nation, a democracy.  He continued to turn to “Providence” in those years also, as there had never been a free country before and there was no pattern to follow.  He sought guidance daily, and put together a form of government that still stands today.


Watching what our forefathers endured to pay for this freedom makes me appreciate my freedom all the more.  So many suffered so much, incredible hardships that I can’t even fully imagine.  How thankful I am to the many people who then gave, and have since given, so much so that I can enjoy freedom today.  I am thankful to George Washington for his courage and endurance, and his foresight in wanting to set up a government that would serve generations to come.


And I am thankful to a kind and loving Father in Heaven who placed these people on the earth at the right times and guided them to accomplish the wonderful, though difficult, things they carried out.


I am thankful for my freedom!