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I love rain!

I remember when I was about 5, riding my tricycle outside and having great fun with my siblings.  It started to rain, just a bit, a sprinkle really.  I was so excited!

It felt great.  A bit cooler, getting a little wet, enjoying the experience.

Then my mother made us go inside to get out of the rain.  😦  I wanted to stay outside and enjoy it a little longer.  I still remember that.  🙂

And when I was a teenager we learned to coolest song about rain!  I still remember it now.  It describes rain perfectly.  It is called Soft Rain (and I found it on the internet at http://annieofbluegables.blogspot.com/2007_09_01_archive.html:

Rain falls
soft rain at my window
Every butterfly has hurried away
All the honeybees have called it a day
And the columbine are bending their heads
in the rain

Rain falls
soft rain making puddles
for the children’s feet
the puddles are sweet
And the skater-bug fleet finds the small pools a treat
And the columbine are bending their heads
in the rain.

While the rain is falling there’s a quietness about the world;
While the thunder is calling there’s a quiet hush about the world
A time to remember the beautiful things,
To look for tomorrow and your fondest dreams

Rain falls
soft rain through the tree boughs
Bringing ev’ning birds a quick friendly bath
washing afternoon dust from my wide garden path
And the columbine are bending their heads
in the rain.

Rain. . . falls. . .
soft rain at my window. . .
I will go outside where sleepy rain blows. . .
Feel the wet on my face. . .feel the wet on my clothes. . .
And like the columbine. . .
I want to bow my head
in the rain. . . . . .

It’s a beautiful song.  And rain is beautiful too.  It is calming, peaceful, interesting, cleansing, and cooling (especially on a hot summer day).  So the next time you see the rain begin, instead of thinking, “What a bother” remember who sent the rain, appreciate the Lord’s bounty, and give a prayer of thanks.  🙂

What’s your favorite story about rain?