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Wedding Reception and Baby Blessing

It’s been a busy weekend and it’s nice to sit and relax for a moment.  This weekend has been all about family.

With a beautiful wedding reception for one, and the sacred blessing of a new child for another, we came together to celebrate and enjoy being together.

Family is a wonderful thing, a blessing from our wise and all-knowing Father in Heaven.

A family is there to help us through the rough times in life.  A family is there to celebrate the good times with us.  A family is there to love and strengthen each other, to be best friends, confidants, to help heal heartaches, and to get us through difficulties.

When you think about it, the family is a truly unique and inspiring phenomena.  It is like a garden, where we learn to give tender, loving care to nurture grass, flowers, bushes, and trees and watch them grow and develop.  A garden is impacted by many things: sun, rain, soil, heat, cold, attention, neglect.

A family is the same way, impacted by many things: love, time, attention, neglect, money, warmth, insecurity, greed, selflessness.

In a family we have the opportunity to gain many skills, character traits, and attributes that we otherwise might not ever learn.  A family can help bring out the very best in us!