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Comcast and History Channel H2

The H2 History channel on Comcast is going away.  😦

Not only that, but it is being replaced by a no-value, degrading channel, Viceland.  As the History Channel, H2, is one of the main reasons Beloved Hubby settled on Comcast for, he was extremely upset by this change.

So, he called Comcast to complain.  Of course, their starting point was that they were sorry he didn’t like it, but that’s what they are doing.

Being the world’s most effective complainer, he didn’t let that slide.

He asked to speak to a manager.  He pointed out that this was one of the handful of channels that had sold him on signing up with Comcast in the first place, and since it was in the channel line-up when he signed the contract, this was a breach of contract on their part!

He kept pushing and they finally agreed to give him HBO for free for 3 months.  And they will turn it off automatically at the end of the 3 months, he doesn’t have to keep track and call in to cancel it.

Though HBO isn’t that great as most of their shows are also degrading, there is some value to this and now Comcast knows there is at least one customer who doesn’t appreciate their latest channel line-up change.

Yea for Beloved Hubby!  I love how he can effectively get his point across to companies who usually get away with stuff they shouldn’t be unaccountable for.  🙂

Filling My Life With Good Things

I am reminded once again how important it is to fill my life with good things.

We are so blessed in this day and age.  There is an incredible amount of choices out there.  While we may often be bombarded, one way or another, by the negative and even downright bad things, I realize that there are an infinite number of positive and downright good and even righteous things!

And the really great news is, that you don’t have to have a lot of money to enjoy the good things in life!!  🙂

Let’s start with a biggie, media.  Media includes books, magazines, newspapers, photos, radio, TV, movies, CD players, internet, even emails as well as mail – bills, ads, announcements, letters, etc., etc., etc.!

It’s easy to fall for the nearest one, or the easiest one, the most provocative one, or the loudest one, or the latest fad.

But it doesn’t take much to go one step farther and seek out the better one, in any category.  There are good things in every one of the categories listed above in Media.  And one of the best sources, available for absolutely free, is the library.

This is a great starting place because it costs nothing, and has a huge selection in every type of media and subject imaginable.

Now here’s the secret.

As you watch, listen, or look at Media, begin an experiment.  Stop to notice how you are feeling.

Is it dragging you down, or lifting your spirits?

Are you feeling out-of-sorts, or do you find yourself smiling and feeling positive?

Is it embarrassing, or is it fulfilling?

Do you want to hide or lash out, or do you want to do something nice for someone?

What thoughts are you filled with?  Dark, hurtful, mean, or sad thoughts, or light, healing, happy thoughts that start turning your mind toward others and toward a loving Father in Heaven?

It is truly amazing how much influence our surrounds have on us and on what we think about and then spend our time on.

Improve your life, your thoughts, and your actions by dwelling on the good, wholesome, positive, meaningful, happy, Christ-like things that are all around you everywhere you choose to look.

Fill your life with the good things in life, and notice the difference it makes.  🙂

Funny Hubby

We were watching a couple of the Mystery Woman movies.

One of the characters on there is Philby, played by Clarence Williams III.  Hubby remarked that on the pilot episode Philby was played by another actor.  Then he said, “It must have been Phil A!”

Later, when they mentioned the murder weapon was “bee venom“, the first attempt at shooting her had missed, hubby pipes up with, “A bullet, bee venom”.

Funny hubby.

That must be why we’ve lasted over 30 years!  🙂

By the way, reuniting the military family is the best thing the Rose Parade has ever done!!